Fun fact: just because someone has a wheelchair, doesn’t mean they can’t walk. A lot of people benefit from a wheelchair because they can’t balance well or it is too painful to walk. So if you see a person briefly stand out of their wheelchair, or take a few steps, or even if you see them with a wheelchair sometimes but not always, it doesn’t mean they’re faking, and you shouldn’t call them out on it.

Texas Politics: Special Session Logistics


I know so many of you are interested in the next special session here in Texas next week, and I also know not many of you really understand the specifics of Texas state politics. (Don’t worry, not many people even in Texas do.)

Alexis Kostun has written a great introduction to the logistics of a special session, as well as providing a bit more context to Texas politics in general. Did you know the state legislature only meets for five months every two years? And did you hear about that one time eleven Texas Democrats left the state to avoid a quorum? Read about all that and more in the link above!


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